What is the fastest way to sell your home

Tips that cover the fastest way to sell a home.  In a buyers market, where there is more stock or homes on sale than there are buyers it’s crucial to understand what you need to get right to ensure the fastest way to sell a home.

Trying times for the SA property market

Not only are we in a buyer’s market, but we are stuck at home, “safe” and in limbo about selling or buying homes.  If your home has been on the market for 6+ months, now may be a good time to change your strategy.  The fastest way to sell a home will hinge on a few things that we cover here.

And for many families who are still planning a home, this is a tough time to enter the market.  Finally, if this is your first time selling a home or your 10th time selling a home, you will know that the process can be quite unnerving.

What if you cant sell your home?

Every buyer has their price.  If you have ensured a well-maintained property and you have owned your property for some time, you will be able to sell it.  And, yes, every buyer has their price.  It’s a good idea not to stress about this.  Rather put some time and energy while we are in lockdown into getting your home to look like a million dollars.

Changing your strategy: property on the market for 6+ months

If your home has been on the market for 6+ months, perhaps it’s time to review your strategy.  Focus on the tips below.  But, use this time now to really get your home looking it’s best because if estate agents in SA are waiting for level 2 before we are allowed to go out and start work, there will be a whole bunch of people whose mandates are up who will want to get started on the sale of their property.  Also, there will be a rush to get new mandates in order.  New valuations lined up.  Trust me, a good estate agent is going to be very very busy in the months to come to catch up with the pent up pressure in the market.

Still in the planning to sell your home?

Are you wondering how fast your property will sell when you get it onto the market when lockdown lifts?  Be sure that you have done your level best and more if possible to make sure that your home looks like a million dollars.  You have tough competition out there and sellers across the board will be forced to reconsider pricing if they want to sell.  Not only that, but we are also very obviously in a buyer’s market which presents another set of challenges.

The fastest way to sell a home lies in the following 9 free tips:

1. Partner with the most prominent agent in your area

The best way to ensure the fastest way to sell a home is to team up to win.  Teaming up to win with a top agent in your area will ensure that you are able to rely on your agent’s expertise, knowledge, and ability to price your home correctly.  If you are looking for a free valuation to get started, click here.  If you would like us to connect you to a top agent in your area, click here.

2. Timing it right

Booking your free property valuation is a click away.  You will need to work closely with your agent to ensure that all your hard work on the house is rewarded with the best valuation possible.  In the current buyer’s market, your agent will be working hard to ensure your property is correctly valued (asking price) so that it can be listed at a market-related price.   If you are looking for ways to get the best price when you sell, click on a recent article that covers the things you can influence when you sell your home.  If you are waiting for the lockdown to lift, then know which agent you will be working with to sell your home.  Consider the type of mandate you will consider (open or sole mandate).  If you opt for the open mandate, make sure you have 2 or more agents lined up.  We do cover the benefits of a sole mandate, which honestly is your best option.

3. Pictures (photos) speak volumes

Firstly, get the best pictures taken of your home?  Secondly, you want your property to stand head and shoulders above your competition.  Remember your home must be perfectly staged for the photos.

4. Get the price right

In the current buyer’s market, you must get your property is listed for the right price.  It all starts with a free property valuation And, a good agent with the right mandate will certainly be able to include a comparative market analysis or CMA.  Don’t let the terminology trip you up – click here because we have already unpacked all the key terms for you.

5. Declutter like a pro

Click here to find out what all the fuss is about with decluttering.  The idea here is to make sure that any potential buyers that come to view your home see space.  The more space the better.  This goes for what’s inside the cupboards and drawers too.

6. The fastest way to sell a home includes home staging

Home staging helps to sell a home faster and for a better price.  We have covered the benefits of home staging, and how to declutter for success.  Since every room has a role to play, we have even gone room by room to help you.  Also, we have included kitchens, bathrooms, the TV room, master bedrooms, kiddies bedrooms, and a bedroom doubling up as a small office.  Finally, we covered the benefits of selling with a well-maintained garden.

7. Being accommodating on a show day

Selling a family home can be a real pain.  Firstly, you will want to have a show day to two to make sure potential buyers can see when they view your property when your home will be on show.  Also, that means you will need to be away from the house for the day.  And before you leave, your house needs to be 100% on show.  It must look perfect and simply nothing less than 1 million dollars.  Mind you, it’s better to have potential buyers than none.  So a show day is key and this may be more convenient than having your property 100% show ready every day till your family home is sold.  Showhouses work, especially if your photos online are good.  Finally, a good set of photos will drive traffic to your home on show day.

8. How can you make your property stand out above the rest?

There are all sorts of nifty little things here.  A nice colourful bowl of fruit.  Fresh flowers in a vase.  A beautiful aroma floating through your home (if your slow cooker is set on low with dinner).    A plate of homemade cookies with a special note saying please help yourself.  A freshly brewed pot of coffee wafting through the house or even the smell of freshly baked bread.  These are the little things that buyers remember.  And these things will be the things they remember about your home as well.  A homely smell is always welcoming.  Remember that your home is competing with all the other properties in the area.  Finally, your home should stand out better than the others.

9. Asking for feedback

Ask your agent for feedback after a show day.  Some agents even phone buyers after the show day because keeping a lead warm is critical in this industry.  Also, some estate agents often use this opportunity to request further feedback from the potential buyers who viewed your home on show day.  Also, ask your agent for solid feedback.  This may give you some clues of stuff to work on for the next show day.  Finally, it’s always a good idea to hear all the feedback, the positive, and the negative.

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