Spotlight on Bromhof Wetlands Park

Bromhof Wetlands Park

Spotlight on Bromhof Wetlands Park. And rightly so. But, we also believe the current state of the Bromhof Wetlands Park is part of the problem that immediate properties in the area face in terms of the Bromhof property prices. Fixing the park is part of the solution. As an open space in the area, it’s unsightly, forgotten and yet it plays such a vital role in the area.  Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise in the world. And, for that reason, we are leveraging two prominent Keller Williams agents who work in the Bromhof suburb to make things right and restore the Bromhof Wetlands Park to its former glory.

Spotlight on adopt a park

A City Parks initiative called adopt a park and Keller Williams is stepping up to the plate. This sorry, sad state of affairs for the Bromhof Wetlands Park is an absolute eyesore for local residents in the Bromhof area.  To the extent that moms cannot push prams on the roads.  Also, vagrants have taken up occupation in the park. In addition, there are visible signs by way of mattresses hidden in the grass and reeds, where people sleep, pots and pans and heaven knows what else.  Folks this is a classic example of how humans can destroy nature.

Bromhof Wetlands Park the current situation

The Bromhof Wetlands Park has been forgotten.  Sadly maintenance is no longer a priority and for all the wrong reasons.  As a result, the Bromhof Wetlands Park is now overrun with alien vegetation.  This has resulted in Black Jacks taking over. Black Jacks are considered alien vegetation and only become problematic when regular mowing stops. There is no place for Black Jacks in an urban wetlands area.  The demarcated primary wetlands area is slowly but surely being overtaken by this alien vegetation.  But, in partnership with City Parks, Keller Williams has stepped up to the plate. So in summary, we have different plans for the park but plan to see the Bromhof Wetlands Park restored to a Wetlands.  We will passionately celebrate the rich biodiversity that is evident right on our doorstep.

Vagrants have moved in

When maintenance stops things go South.  This park is a forgotten gem.  Vagrants have moved in and are becoming a visible breeding ground for criminal activity.  Residents no longer feel safe pushing prams. Furthermore, walking dogs and taking family walks together are no longer enjoyable.  And, the birdlife may be slowly starting to disappear.

Other potential threats

Two years ago a big fire in the Bromhof Wetlands Park threatened local households. There have been rodent infestations like rats which make living in the area very unpleasant. The police presence is minimal at best. The park is also being used to dump building rubble and garden refuse which is illegal. The groundwater now runs over the road and has affected the road surface which is currently lifting and under repairs. If the stormwater and overflowing groundwater is not controlled, the roads will deteriorate even further. In conclusion, a quick patch on the road, will not for any length of time. The core issue of groundwater and stormwater management must be considered as part of a long term plan.

The powers that be from City Parks just love our plans

Yesterday, 5th May 2022, Keller Williams met with the leadership of COJ and City Parks who were devastated by what they saw.  Keller Williams Select is indeed reaching out to sponsors who can support this worthy initiative.  Our motives are good, and our intentions are honourable and right.

Spotlight on Bromhof Wetlands Park and how it all started

Residential property development going back 20+ years ago did manage to divert the natural, clear and abundant groundwater. This management of water must be considered above and below the park.  When diverting the groundwater in the way it has been diverted, the natural flow of water is changed.  This ends up in backyards and is often seen as rising damp. Nature is now and has been in imbalance for some time.  You see diverted groundwater to the extent that it has been diverted actually visible upsets and changes the natural balance of mother nature.  But now we have tools at our disposal to restore the Bromhof Wetlands Park.

The plans for the Bromhof Wetlands Park

We start with cleaning up the park. Then we maintain it. All our efforts will be aligned with City Park requirements. We will ensure core wetlands vegetation starts to thrive. We can include a nice border for the park. Benches could be included. Soft pathways can be added. Awareness can be built around the rich biodiversity in the park. The importance of wetlands in an urbanised suburb Bromhof and so much more.

Blackjacks, did you know?

Did you know that the Blackjack which we all detest, yes, the one that clings to your pants legs, actually has what is called a pom that carries over 400 little seeds?  Just imagine 4,000 Blackjack plants all shedding 400 seeds once a year.  There will be no wetlands vegetation left in a few years’ time. 

Jumping through the right hoops

When we met with City Parks about the Bromhof Wetlands Park, we all shared concerns about how this gem got so forgotten and what the impact is of neglect. We now find ourselves in the most stunning position.  The City Parks leadership believes in this initiative.  They are all supporting us.  But the next steps are to present a proposal with detailed plans for the park that will honour our commitments to keep the Wetlands a Wetlands.  No mountain bike tracks, no cemented paths, etc.  Originally classified as wetlands, it will remain a wetland.  We will preserve this biodiversity at all costs.

Formal direction from City Parks

So, any and all our efforts will consider the direction that City Parks provide to ensure alien vegetation is removed, and natural grasses which should be present are encouraged to flourish.  Markers will be erected to demarcate which area of the park can be cleared and what should not even be touched.  We will hopefully be able to find a sponsor for some short wooden poles or bollards to be erected to preserve the area and demarcate the park for public enjoyment.  The journey is still a long one, but we are confident that by June we will be able to start with the clean-up process.  From there we will maintain the park and ensure that we are able to sustain the work we have done and still plan to do.

Keller Williams has other plans for the Bromhof Wetlands Park

KW plans to put Bromhof on the map once again.  We plan to clean up and maintain the Bromhof Wetlands Park.  Essentially restore the park to its former glory.  We will work hard to educate residents and surrounding areas about the importance of these Wetlands.  We will raise awareness using social media and all forms necessary to celebrate the rich biodiversity evident in the Bromhof Wetlands Park.

Want to get involved?

If we want to keep the spotlight on the Bromhof Wetlands project then we know this is also not a quick in and out job.  We have included the Google Maps Pin if you are new to the area. As Keller Williams estate agents, our primary focus is to help sell homes in the Bromhof area. We will also do our best to preserve and grow property prices in the Bromhof area.  Ashley and I plan to carefully construct a plan that delivers on the promise for Bromhof.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that property prices in the Bromhof area are maintained and that we keep seeing property growth in the Bromhof area.  But we also want to drive this initiative because we care about the community and the Bromhof Wetlands Park.  It is an honour to get involved and we are energetic and passionate about our part in the restoration of the Bromhof Wetlands Park.

For more info call Ashley or Sandy

Although Keller Williams is driving this initiative, we would happily and openly welcome any of the local residents and small businesses in the area to really make a difference.  We will be using FaceBook as a primary communication tool.  Local is lekker.  And we would like to use small businesses in the area that would benefit from this project to reach out.  You can contact Ashley Baney from Keller Williams Clockwork at (061) 772-8122 or Sandy Graham from Keller Williams Select at (083) 550-1220.  We are reaching out for sponsorship already.  We have one or two primary sponsors in mind so watch this space.

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