10 things that can affect the value of your home

Need a property valuation in Randburg

Need a property valuation in Randburg?  Let’s look at 10 things that affect the value and the appeal of your home when you sell a property in Randburg. These 10 things are unexpected, but all play a role when determining the market-related value of your home when you sell. Location, location, location.  And more than that, here are the 10 surprising things that can work for or against you when you sell a property in Randburg.

Messy Children

As a mom myself, it’s constant work to keep our home tidy.  What’s more, you’re your property is being valued, your property should be neat and tidy, inside, and out.  When there is too much stuff lying around this could and would often work against you.  When buyers come to view your home and when we start to market your property this, although it’s common sense, does not create the right setting for potential buyers.

It’s all in the street name

Well, there are some streets Randburg, within the same suburb where properties will sell for quite a lot more.  Some streets offer great value than others.  Although this is not something you can change, it is definitely something to think about.

Keeping a close eye on the numbers

Again, it’s common sense but numbers do have an influence when you sell a property.  A recent Zoopla study revealed that, on average, odd-numbered houses fetched more than even-numbered properties.  A house number, number 13 is often seen as fetching a sales price that is less than other properties.  Lucky for some but unlucky for others.

P = Pets (your furbabies)

Generally, 39% of people who own a dog or a cat, in the UK have no issues selling their homes.  But if your pets are intimidating, smelly unruly or if you just have too many “furbabies”, this could cost you dearly.  This, in the UK, shaves up to 5% off your sales price.  If your pets blend in and are not intimidating, you have nothing to worry about.

Noisy Local Amenities

Noisy, rowdy amenities will never bode well, especially when you have a viewing with a potential buyer.  If you have pavements littered with strangers that spill onto the pavement, especially at night, this could and would work against you when you sell a property in Randburg.

The quality of your finishes

Quality finishes in any home really do draw a potential buyer’s eyes to your property.  You may love the vintage kitchen or your vintage bathroom, and although your bath may be pink or green, this is not everyone’s cup of tea.  A buyer’s perceived ‘bad’ taste will impact your sales price by up to 10%.  Keep your finishes as neutral as possible. 

P = People (Neighbours)

No matter how posh or laid back consider what schools you have in your area?  How good and what access do you have to superb local amenities?  Disputes with a neighbour do have a negative impact on prices.  In the UK for example, 20% of homeowners will encounter problems with their neighbours.  And these arguments start because of a range of issues.  Common issues include noisy neighbours with poor social habits.  Local disputes if they become serious should be recorded and placed on record. 

Smart Storage Solutions

Great, smart storage is a great selling point for potential buyers?  Make the most of your space at home, use every inch of your property to good advantage.  More importantly, make sure your storage is neat and tidy when photographs are taken, and viewings are scheduled.  And remember buyers want to see inside your cupboards so keep your cupboards tidy.

Access to major traffic routes

Access to major traffic routes into and out of a suburb in Randburg is a big benefit.  This is something your estate agent will point out to all potential buyers.  Proximity to public transport could also be valuable depending on the area in which you live. 

P = Parking

In a crowded complex with very little visitor parking can and often is a major drawback.  The older complexes were built with a single covered garage.  This no longer works in SA Households and buyers are specific about how many garages you have on your property.  A 2nd place prize would be a covered carport, but often, especially in a complex, there is still only 1 exclusive use covered carport.

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